(All prices in US dollars)

1 X 1 hour session, 1 on 1 via Skype – $150.00
4 X 1 hour session, 1 on 1 via Skype – $500.00
8 X 1 hour session, 1 on 1 via Skype – $1000.00
12 X 1 hour session, 1 on 1 via Skype – $1500.00

Coaching can be for Relationships, Dream Job/Work, Health, Money and other
areas you wish to manifest a desired outcome. I am happy to explore
solutions with you (using the Law of Attraction and the teachings of
Neville Goddard) so you can move towards your desired outcomes.

Career Focus Package J'adore FRANCE 162

2 X 1 hour sessions in a month  $200

Identify what you would love to do for work or a business, step by step action plan and really look at what is holding you back, create new beliefs that move you towards your goal

Money Breakthrough Package 

4 X 1 hour sessions in a month $350

Identifying your true goals around money. Uncover your negative beliefs, creating new money beliefs. Creating an action plan and visualizations and processes to bring in the dollars.

Live the Dream Package 

12 X 1 hour sessions over 3 months $1000

12 sessions looking at all areas of your life:

France 2012 019Prosperity and Money, Love Life, Friends and Family, Health, Fun and Enjoyment, Business and Career, Personal Growth and Making a Difference. In the first session you will rate from 1 to 10 where you feel you are at in each area. You will explore and create ways to improve all areas in the 12 week program. You will also receive a FREE copy of both my manifesting stories books to support this work we are doing together.


I am also more than happy to coach those of you wanting help in the area of health, relationships and any other area that you are struggling with, coaching after all is about exploring solutions and then you the client actioning them in your own, unique way.

Agnes Vivarelli