If you are still anxious about your bank account or still going to a job you don’t like getting out of bed for then read this:

In 2007 I had $4.50 to my name and was $36,000 in debt. I was jobless and on a government benefit. I had recovered from a tumor, a bout of glandular fever and a short term paralysis on one side of my body, and a badly torn hamstring. Then my dad died of Alzheimers in 2009 after 7 years of the illness, it was tough, I had trouble sleeping and eating due to how emotional I was. Then my husband left with another woman. I will never forget how hard that was, ever. I was one of the worst times in my entire life, and it took time to rebuild the pieces into something strong, positive and that felt good again.

Fast forward 7 years

I transformed my work into working 100% creatively doing displays for homewares stores across Sydney Australia. I have 2 books on Amazon on the subject of manifesting and I now have a coaching business. I use the teachings of Abraham and Neville Goddard in all that I do and I personally use it in my own life for all that I have created. (See Freebie tab for all the stories)
It was like a resurrection, I found my foot hold again and continue to grow and learn, especially through Neville. His teachings are extraordinary – using your imagination to correct everything inside yourself so that the outside reflects your new internal focus.
I found Neville 15 years ago before my marriage fell apart. I read the “Law and the Promise” and it was the turning point. It was a book of stories that recounted how people used imagination to focus their way out of impossible, or painful situations.

It saved me, and is my “turn to” book for comfort still today, I love you Neville even though you died in 1973.

True Success Stories

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Manifesting $1.5 million dollars

Success (2/3/14)

A woman I coach who is in her mid 40’s had a desire for fun creative work. She had worked many years and had been underpaid. She called to tell me that she was now attracting fun, creative work that was more than double what she had been getting and she was now having to pass work on to colleagues since she was only wanting to work 4-5 days a week. She was now able to pick and choose, and say no to the jobs that didn’t interest her. She was extremely grateful for the overflow to be able to pass work onto others, that it was something she had never experienced before, every week she was getting through word of mouth other calls for creative work within her city of Sydney.



Success (27/11/13) 

This week a wonderful young lady has manifested the job she wanted in Sydney in a hospital. She wanted to get out of her bookshop retail job by Christmas, since she was doing up to 50+ hours a week, and was exhausted. She starts her new job in two weeks and the feeling of relief is massive to say the least.

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