If you are looking for a spell or creepy antics to change your
circumstances, then Agnes is not for you. However if you are looking for
orthodox methods peppered with teachings of Neville Goddard, common sense,
and a fantastic, down-to-earth teacher, then Agnes is your guru! To say
that she’s lovely, adorable, encouraging and positive is an understatement.

“The best teachers teach from the heart and not from the book.” Agnes is
not a textbook guru. She teaches based on her years of LOA knowledge and
experience and she has successfully manifested love, money, health and
career. In other words, she doesn’t just talk the talk – she has walked the
walk – so you can’t help but believe LOA exist and works! She glows with
inner joy and radiant positivity and you will most probably be charmed by
her, her dancing eyes and impish grin. She simplifies LOA in such a way
that everyone can understand and she makes you realize you can achieve
anything you want if you believe and take action.

Thank you, Agnes for your passionate teaching and sharing. You have no idea
how many lives you have saved!
Michael Lavender

“Agnes is an Angel! She is so generous with her time and content, she really cares about her clients and YouTube followers that they understand the various laws and principles to achieve their hearts desires.

Agnes breaks things down in easy to understand language which makes the great works of Neville Goddard accessible to everyone. Agnes has helped me no end and my life Is currently transforming from all the coaching, self love practices and meditations she

provides. I would highly recommend working directly with Agnes where possible, it

has and is making a huge difference to me!”
Kerrie, UK 2017

“I take this forum to offer my deepest appreciation to Agnes Vivarelli, my mentor,my life coach.Agnes is absolutely easy going and fun to associate with. She is an amazing coach to work with and learn a few valuable lessons about laws of Universe. I have been under her guidance and coaching for a year now and how incredibly clarifying,easy these sessions have been. She is absolutely dedicated to her work and her work is her passion. She can explain complicated teachings of Neville and flavor it with morden easy teachings of Abraham Hicks thereby taking Laws of Universe to a new level and understanding. I highly recommend the opportunity to associate with her to bring about necessary changes in our lives. I have been immensely blessed to have found her in my difficult emotional times and i have never looked back post meeting her.

Agnes is a passionate coach who soon becomes your trusted advisor. She highly believes in self love and she respects our thoughts, desires and values. She is a generous and a hardworking soul who believe in spreading unconditional love.She is very ethical and a joy to work with. If you need help in manifesting a special person in your life or assistance in betterment of existing relationship, then she is your person to go to. I endorse her completely! Love to all of you.”
Sampada Vinod

My coaching journey with Agnes has been amazing. She helped me to think bigger and grander and believe anything is possible. She also helped me to discover what was really important to me and she helped me to set goals which reflected that. My confidence has grown within myself and I was able to discover what was holding me back so that I could move in the direction I wanted to go. My life has changed so much because of her coaching.
Carmel H, Bundaberg Queensland Australia 2013

Dear Agnes

Thank you for helping me find the manifestor deep inside. Through your encouragement and guidance I have learned how to be more specific with what i ask for and really focus with great detail on my feelings and “reality” of what i want “NOW”. Your support and belief in me has held me through the times I doubted me. Thank you

Margaret Marsden White Rock Queensland Australia 2013,marg_marsden@hotmail.com

France 2012 034


  • Agnes has helped me enormously with coaching me over the past year to help me realize & ensure that my thoughts have been turned around to focus on the positive & stop the negative & not so helpful thoughts. The negative thoughts do creep in every now & again, however you must remember to turn them into positive outcomes! A few examples would be… 1. Finding a place to live in the area which I desired. 2. Finding the relationship which I desired & man which I desired to be with. 3. Finding the prefect job for me. Nothing happened over night, oh how we all long for everything which we desire to happen over night! Example 2 took 6 months  of focusing, meditating, figuring out the exact desires, a few mishaps & realization of being very specific. Which brings me back to example 1. I desired to live close to my parents, grandmother & sister, near the water, public transport & a place which was pet friendly. Almost everything was achieved & my now flatmate found the perfect place for us to live which was all of the above. However, the only mishap was that I had asked for a pet friendly place. Our unit looks out over the water with the most amazing back garden which has a harbour swimming pool 5 mins walk down the path & amazing views of Sydney Harbour. Pet friendly meant that my flat mates cat could be here, although my dog could not. Lucky for me my parents live a 30 minute walk away & my dog is able to stay with them. BE SPECIFIC Agnes would remind me!! Example 2 there were a few mishaps…one afternoon I rang Agnes & asked “why is it that I keep attracting men which are travelers & have no plans to stay in Sydney for long?” Agnes asked “what is it that you are asking the universe?” My response was “I’m asking for no more travelers, I do not want to meet men who are travelling” Agnes laughed & said “that’s your problem & why you keep attracting travelling men. Stop asking the universe for what you don’t want!!” Which is exactly what I did…it’s really that simple Agnes would say!! Agnes taught me to stop focusing & talking about what I didn’t want & in turn taught me to ask what I desire. So my mediation in regards to example 2 completely changed & 3 months later I met the gorgeous Spanish speaking, salsa dancing, loving, caring, passionate man that I am now in a relationship with. My perfect job is now my main focus & Agnes continues to coach me on this. I find that meditating while out walking my dog is the perfect time for me to let the universe know of my desires, being out in the fresh air, in the sunshine, feeling the wind on my face, hearing the birds in the trees etc which is everything I love about being out in the great outdoors & this makes me happy. Agnes has taught me to always meditate on my desires when doing something which I love & something which makes me happy, & to do different things which I love to do…go dancing, go to the beach, hang out with my amazing & gorgeous friends…doing things which you love helps your emotions & mind to focus on your desires & push those negative thoughts aside! Am very grateful to one of my very close friends Carla for introducing me to Agnes & for having both these amazing, gorgeous, hilarious, a little weird & loving friends in my life. Thank you to Agnes for switching my thoughts around, for teaching me that what I desire can be my reality & for being the quirky colourful inspirational person that she is!

    Sarah May Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW Australia

I loved working with you Agnes, your positive energy and outlook on life is contagious. I loved learning more about the Law of Attraction from a true manifestor!!! Your visualizations were so powerful i always left our sessions feeling energized and i have now a deep sense within me that i can create anything i desire.
Thank you

Elise Savaresse, Perth W.A Australia

To whom it may concern

I recently had the opportunity to be coached by Agnes Vivarelli in relation to my daughters wedding. I found her guidance and help in realizing I could afford to pay for the wedding myself, very helpful and encouraging. I am forever grateful to her and recommend her highly to anyone needing support and guidance in any area.

Sincerely Gail James, The Entrance Central Coast NSW Australia. gjgjam@gamail.com

Agnes Vivarelli