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Writer of Manifesting books
Law of Attraction Coach

Hello, my name is Agnes Vivarelli and I have personally transformed my
relationships, my health and I now combine travel and my creative work as a
Youtuber, writer and Law of Attraction Coach. I use the Law of Attraction
and the teachings of Neville Goddard as the basis of my coaching with

I healed myself of a tumour in my 20’s. Click here to listen to the story.
I now live in 2 places, Sydney and London, I work from where ever I happen
to be as long as I have wifi.
I always wanted to get out of bed without an alarm, and work when I choose
which is often night owl hours which suits my body clock.

I did my coaching training in 2013 at the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy
(link here) which was a online coaching
course, based in Australia. This course assisted with my personal
transformation as well as equiped me to then totally change my work.

For years I was always in debt and had no savings, struggling with
relationships, money and work. My health suffered due to working too hard
but never having enough of whatever I needed, therefore never able to take
days off when unwell.
My work was often too physically taxing and casual so was never earning
anything when I wasn’t not there. There was no sick pay or holiday pay.

I am the eldest child of 2, my odd brother Daniel is six years younger and lives in Canada, he too is a creative Oddonite from Planet Odd. My mama lives an hour away out of Sydney and also loves reading Law of Attraction books, and Neville. It was her that started me off in the 70’s when she read Louise Hay. We are very close. Sadly my papa died in 2009 from a seven year illness with Alzheimer’s.

I am born in Grasse, the perfume manufacturing town in the South of France.

I am creative, I love anything quirky and weirdly shaped. I especially loves odd people with odd noses and 70’s afros. Odd people make the world a better place.

I freelanced for Walt Disney Studios, and directed the dance show “France Dance” performances for schools in NSW Australia and worked on the Fairstar cruise ship.

In my late 20’s while doing the dancing show I contracted glandular fever, tore my hamstring, had a short term paralysis on the left side of my body and had a tumor.
I had no reserves and was not listening to my body at all. I chose not to go for surgery and in six weeks cured myself of all the diseases and shortly after that the hamstring injury. This was a turning point in learning self love and self respect.

I saturated myself in meditation, visualization, affirmations, vision boards, yoga, walking, drinking water, healthy, nourishing food and saying YES to all things that were fun, and saying NO to everything else, rest too was important to not drain the battery down to zero.

Well that’s a piece of the apple pie anyway.

My top manifestations

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