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My Mission Statement:
To assist those that desire to manifest a fulfilling,loving relationship, or a wonderful, satisfying job/work or career, orstart a business that inspires you using the principles of the Law of Attraction, Law of Projection and Law of Assumption and the teachings of Neville Goddard.

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My Perfect Customer:
Is a sincere individual who wants to consciouslycreate a life that is a reflection of what they truly desire and that iswilling to self reflect and apply the Law of Attraction principles to getthere. My perfect customer will be excited to try new things and have astrong desire for results in all areas of their lives.

Wouldn’t you like to work doing something extremely satisfying and earn more than you ever have before?

Wouldn’t that be nice? – it’s possible, really it is.

My Top 4 Youtubes:

– meditation to create a text message from someone

– meditation to attract your Ex back

– meditation to manifest a call

– meditation for self love

Bonjour, my name is Agnes Vivarelli and I’ve transformed my life by using the Law of Attraction. Since using the Law of Attraction, watching “The Secret” (and applying it) and becoming a student of the teachings of Abraham and Neville Goddard, I have healed myself of a tumor, attracted the car of my dreams and now only attract money doing creative, fun work. I have also doubled my income. I have traveled overseas five times in six years(all fully paid) and I love getting out of bed no matter what day of the week it is!! France 2012 006

I also trained through the “Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy” with Sandy Forster and that too highly contributed to my transformation. I am just an ordinary 40 plus woman, living in Sydney Australia, I was always in debt, no savings, relationships with men always in crisis. My health was poor due to working too hard to pay debts off but never really making any progress, never able to take a day off if I was sick because I couldn’t afford to, and to say I didn’t like my job was a understatement. And on it goes… sound familiar??


For those interested here is the link to the “Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy” Law of Attraction course with Sandy Forster.

What are your dreams?

Are you wanting a secure, loving and committed relationship?
Or satisfying work that you love to get out of bed for?
Perhaps being able to help a loved one financially?
What about that well deserved holiday to really have a great rest, have
fun and to feel free for awhile?
We all have desires, some of which we haven’t been able to create yet,
Ask, Believe, Receive

Sounds simple, but applying Law of Attraction and Neville Goddaounds simple, but applying Law of Attraction and Neville Goddard’s
teachings isn’t so easy in practice.
Beliefs you hold can stop you
Repetitive habitual thoughts can stop you
Other peoples opinions can stop you
Current circumstances can stop you

So if you feel ready to make a change you can contact me on:

email: Apersonofinterest2014@gmail.com